Introduction to MatchMyRoute - an app for matching up experienced with inexperienced cyclists

Geovation does not only support project of their programme members, but we also work on our own projects. MatchMyRoute links into our current annual focus of greener and smarter communities. Its aim is to make cycling more accessible and lower the barrier to picking up cycling. This is done by connecting experienced cyclists who regularly take a route with inexperienced cyclists who can join the experienced on their route.

UX Ideation and Requirements Workshop for designing with start-ups

At Geovation we play the role of a start-up accelerator – that means we bring start-ups into our programme and provide them funding and expertise to develop and grow their product and business. The most important thing as a designer is to bring yourself up to speed with the business and product, their language, their customers and their user needs.

Introducing Tippecanoe Directory Support

This post describes how we have modified Tippecanoe to achieve directory support.

Build Your Own Static Vector Tile Pipeline

Following on from Tiler, this post looks at the low level commands necessary to generate vector tiles from scratch. I'll also describe how to use attributes and filtering to style layers in a way that works on iOS, Android, and the Web.

Introducing Tiler

An introduction to Tiler, a config oriented vector tile pipeline